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Emilyn Stam, Anne Lederman and James Stephens

A new collaborative trio celebrating Canadian instrumental music (especially fiddling) and song.

Two veteran Canadian fiddlers/multi-instrumentalists with eclectic tastes team up with a brilliant young musician (piano/5-string violin). Eh?! creates music that is at once old and new. 4 and 5-sring fiddles, voices, piano, accordion, mandolins, guitars, percussion and feet all weave their way through an Eh?! experience. Eh?! is dedicated to exploring the myriad pathways between tradition, innovation, collaboration and improvisation. Anything can happen at an Eh?! event

Drawing from many great Canadian fiddle traditions - Québécois, Metis, Irish, Cape Breton, Newfoundland and Old Time, Eh?! is never content to let old tunes lie. Alongside their own compositions, the tunes of several generations of Canadian composers rub shoulders: Emile Benoit, Louis Boudreault, Oliver Schroer, Brian Pickel. No rosin left unscraped, no bow left unturned.

Eh?! is currently hard at work on their first CD. Expect it Spring 2011!

Eh?! has performed at: The Saline Celtic Festival, The Flying Cloud Folk Club, The Weeds, Algoma Trad Music and Dance Camp, Legless Stocking, Goderich Suzuki School, The Dan Dance, and Celtic Christmas at the Assembly Hall.

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