Anne Lederman



Anne composes instrumental music and songs for concert performance, theatre, film and dance.


Tamarack'er Down: Piece for Anne Lederman and Symphony Orchestra,composed by Anne Lederman, orchestrated by Martin Van de Ven. Performed with the Stratord Symphony Orchestra, conductor Jerome Summers, January 2010.

All For a Song
CBC production. Collaboration with Jill Harrington on “The Immigrant”, aired on CBC in Spring 2004, and released on CD, All For A Song. 2004

The Outdoor Donnellys, 2001
Blyth Festival. Directed by Paul Thompson, 2001, 2002, 2003.

The Otofo Suite The Call, The Libation, Crooked Waltzing, Crincrin
Based on the West African Rhythm, Otofo. For violin, accordion, bass, and percussion. Composed for New World Music, WORLDS OF MUSIC TORONTO’s series of new cross-cultural work. Premiered March 1996 at The Music Gallery, Toronto. Recorded by Fiddlesong on Fiddlesong.

He Won't Come in From the Barn, 1994
Ted Johns, writer. Blyth Theatre Festival.

My Grandmother's Mouth, 1992
National Storytelling Theatre. Helen Porter, Author.

Tamarack 'er Down, 1992
Composed for the Canadian Children's Dance Theatre.




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