Anne Lederman



Cry of The Loon

Grandy's Devil Tunes

That Klezmer Thing

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A fiddle record from a very special Canadian fiddler. Here are traditional tunes: Metis, French-Canadian, Irish, Scottish, Klezmer, Macedonian, and here are originals. Backed up by piano (Julie Schryer and Anne Lederman), guitar (Ian Bell), with just a dash of bass (Artie Roth), accordion (Sasha Luminsky) and percussion (Ben Grossman) .
" I woke up one morning in Saskatoon, many years ago, and thought I'd like to play the fiddle. I had never had this thought before. I had hardly even seen anyone play the fiddle. What did I know but that there were too many guitar players around already. Since then, I have found myself leaping into one musical whirlpool after another, turning with whatever tides I found there and learning the history of the world as I went.

The way I see it, the fiddle is the true national symbol of Canada. After all, the beaver has done its work -- the trees are felled and the dams are built (not to mention the fish caught, the coal dug, the buffalos shot, and our First Nations moved and removed). But, funnily enough, for 3 centuries a stick of horsehair and a 4-string box have continued to sing who we are in so many different ways, no matter who or how many have chosen to listen."

"Anne Lederman at her finest" Toronto World Arts Scene

"A leading light in the Canadian Fiddle World" fRoots