Anne Lederman



African Suite - The Call


The latest: Fiddlesong is full of tapestries inspired by many of the cultures that call Canada home. But this is no pastiche of djembes and fiddles. It is a truly new music where fiddle brings its voice to the sensibilities of other cultures as much as the other way around. And from its evocative opening chorus, Anne's voice takes us through a rich range of moods and styles, at one moment wailing, another whispering, our laments, our fears and our joys. Fiddlesong features such reknowned Canadian talents as Njacko Backoon kalimba, Kwazi Dunjo, Debahis Sinha and Rich Greenspoon on drums and percussion, George Kohler, Artie Roth and Randy Kempf on bass, Sasha Luminsky and Tom Leighton on accordion and piano, Ian Bell on guitar and Colleen Allen on soprano sax.

What the critics have said:

". . .seasoned by European, Middle Eastern, and African influences, she delivers a truly Canadian world music CD." The Chilliwack Progress.

"Lederman fiddles up a storm." Daily Miner and News, Kenora.

"An African rhythm, a Franco-Manitoban jig, a Metis prairie tune, a melancholy jive tribute to a cranky cat, Lederman does it all with powerful lyrics, electric fiddle and lilting piano. . . a masterpiece of melting pot, a true Canadian classic." Mind's Eye, Nanaimo.

". . .may be a cultural awakening. . . .will leave you yearning for more" Daily Graphic, Portage la Prairie.

". . . a lively affair that works better than most of its rivals." Geoff Chapman. Toronto Star.

". . .the consummate fiddler and composer. . .Demand that your local music store get and carry some copies of Fiddlesong. This is a disk, and an artist, worth the extra effort. . .Rated a perfect 5 out of 5."

"Lederman creates something both traditional and new, and it's a thing of beauty. This is Fiddlesong." Sound Bytes.

". . . truly a great example of Canadian music at its finest." The Observer. Hartland, New Brunswick.

". . .an exciting and optimistic vision of what might unite Canada's musical past with its future." Kitchener Echo.