Anne Lederman


Anne does thematic workshops/concert presentations for schools and summer camps, on Irish music in Canada, Carnaval (French-Canadian traditions) as well as the following.

The Great Canadian Fiddle
From Newfoundland to the Nanaimo, Quebec to Kapuskasing, this concert or concert/demonstration explores Canada's most central folk instrument. The fiddle has set feet tapping and hearts beating from the moment Europeans first set foot in the new land. As played by Acadians, Ukrainians, Metis, Germans and Swedes (to name but a few) the fiddle is an instrument of song, story and celebration. In its music is carried the history of the nation.

Children will sing in English, French, Gaelic and Yiddish, learn how a man once saved his life by playing the violin, hear the sounds of birds, cows and trains, and play rhythms with hands and feet, spoons and bones.

With either Tom Leighton (piano/accordion/cittern) or Ian Bell (guitar, button accordion, harmonica).

NOTE: The concert/demonstration can be augmented with a hands on workshop for string groups. They will learn a fiddle tune by ear. It can be arranged for 2-4 parts including violas, cellos and basses if required. A wonderful addition to the repertoire for school concerts.

Traditional Music of Ontario
Explore some of the musical heritages that make up this great province of ours. Old traditions and new-- Ojibwa and Six Nations music, Franco-Ontarian songs, Afro-Canadian songs, songs of the lumbercamps, the Great Lakes and the fur trade, recent songs from the Caribbean and Africa, songs of celebration and reflection. This presentation includes lots of fiddling, singing and storytelling, along with drums, rattles, bones, spoons, jaw harp, clogging and mandolin. Can be done solo or with a larger group.

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