Anne Lederman

Canadian Fiddle Hall of Honour, inducted 2022

Winner Estelle Klein Award 2016

Canadian Fiddle Hall of Honour, inducted 2022

Anne Lederman has been called:
"a national treasure" (Gary Cristall)

"one of the most talented musicians in the country" (Derek Andrews)

"an amazing artist" (Richard Flohill)

"She "brings to life the traditions of our country's people and she does it all well" (Cristall)

" . . . a country of such diversity couldn't have a better ambassador" (Singout Magazine).

Anne performs solo (see Performance for shows), with Ian Bell as Lederman/Bell, with Fiddlesong, with Njacko Backo, and with new ensemble, Portage

Old Man's TableReleased: Nov. 11, 2015
   A special tribute to the Metis tradition and to the man who was my first way in.

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    "Well done! This is a wonderful collection that    preserves more of the traditional Metis tunes and demonstrates the variations that the older players put on some of the standards."
John Arcand, Saskatchewan

What a fine project this is!The quirky nature of many of the tunes is a real highlight and far outside the box of what we consider Canadian fiddle. I enjoyed the tunes, your playing and Ian's fine guitar work.
Gord Stobbe, Nova Scotia

Portage: is Anne, Erynn Marshall, Laura Risk, Jean Hewson and Christina Smith. Here is a track from their new CD, to be officially released Dec. 1. Watch this space!

Anne Lederman

Ian Bell and Anne in Estonia
Ian Bell and Anne in Estonia

Fiddlesong at Studio 2

Grandy's D Tune
Rattle on the Stovepipe
Tamarack'er Down
African Suite: The Call
VIDEO: Old Man's Table

Anne Lederman
"Spirit of the Narrows"
Njacko Backo
Spirit Horse

have a new Youtube Channel
Songs and Tunes from 
the Blyth Festival Theatre April, 2015

Muddy York
The original 1984 Muddy York recording,
re-mastered for the 21st century

Tamarack'er Down:
A Guide to Celtic-Canadian
Fiddling Through Rhythm
learn to play

Emilyn Stam, Anne Lederman,
James Stephens

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